Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thing 12

1. There were several great ideas that I learned about making succesful comments. The two that stuck out were leaving a meaningful comment and knowing who people are. I had never though about the importance my comments could make on someone elses blog. I realize that by leaving a 'meaningful' comment you can help the blogger and any other people reading it. It is also important to identify yourself. The blog creators are interested in the type of audience they have so they can better address them.

2. I commented on the following Library2Play blogs: Brooke's 2.0 Blog, Kindergarten Teacher's Education Journey, Aspiring Librarian,,

3. First I wanted to discuss the website disqus which can be found at This site is a way to keep up with all of your own blog comments. It really is a great tool.

The first site I commented on was the Cool Cat Teacher Blog discussing how to comment. (Cool Cat Teacher Blog: How to comment like a king (or queen!)) This site gives very detailed explanations of the corrent way to comment and why. Having it explained it detail really helps a new blogger/commenter.

The second site I found was from the unquiet librarian ( The site contains lots of ideas for incorporating technology into a library program. There are links and pictures to various pages to give you ideas.

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